Why Choose Luxus Car Mats™

“In this world, you get what you pay for.”
― Kurt Vonnegut

You may have seen similar mats sold online, notably on Amazon, AliExpress, and other online retailers for a fraction of the price; many customers ask why our mats cost more and this is a relevant question we are happy to address in this page.

We have invested over four years of extensive R&D, conducted thorough material studies and countless tests across over 1000+ vehicles to create a high-quality product that is worthy of being used in the most expensive vehicles and will stand the test of time.

Our mats have been imitated countless times but never equaled; whether it be on the material quality, fitment, durability, or coverage.

Each and every vehicle we make mats for has been thoroughly scanned with costly high-end laser scanning equipment only a few respectable companies have access to; to ensure unmatched fitment quality and precision; we have spent over 1 hour capturing every floor and trunk detail of every vehicle when others spent a quarter of that time to cut down on time and costs.

We have literally spent 1000 hours to laser-scan the floor of over 1000 vehicles when others have rushed this key process to save costs thus leading to an inevitable loss in fitment quality and precision.

We use only the highest-quality eco-leather available which gives our floor mats their signature thick appearance and soft-touch feeling which is nonexistent on cheaper knock offs sold online.

Below are pictures of the cheaper copies sold online:

Click here to see what why Luxus Car Mats™ copies are cheaperAnd below are pictures of authentic Luxus Car Mats:


Copied but never equalled.

Sometimes people like to duplicate our products, so we came up with a way to ensure your Luxus Car Mats™ product is authentic.

Our floor mats come with a seal of authenticity; look for this seal to confirm you're buying the real deal!

Luxus Car Mats™ are manufactured using only the very best materials on the market and literally cannot be beaten on the finish.

We will refund you 3X the price difference if you find cheaper mats with all of the following features and benefits: 

- Material quality, thickness and softness that is remotely close to ours

- Aesthetic, vertical diamond pattern

- Ultra-durable

- Perfect fitment

- All weather use

- Odorless

- 0 Creases

- Top-quality packaging and expert folding techniques to prevent creases during shipping

- High-quality built-in clips, velcro, and heel pad

- 20 to 30 days delivery time for free shipping

- 10 to 15 days delivery time for express shipping

- 5* customer support

- 590+ Verified reviews on Trustpilot, the only trustworthy online reviews platform

- 12-month warranty with an optional lifetime upgrade

- 30-day money-back guarantee

Here at Luxus Car Mats™ we understand how important your vehicle is to you hence our obsession with quality; we will never compromise on the quality of each and every set that leaves our factory.