Luxus Car Mats 2 Year Risk-Free Warranty

Your Luxus Car Mats are covered under a warranty period of twenty four months beginning from the day of purchase, subject to these terms & conditions

Pre-existing manufacturing and material defects present before the delivery of the car mats are covered by the warranty.

A valid receipt of payment and authentic purchase proofs have to be shown for the warranty to be effective.

If your request is received within the product’s warranty period along with valid purchase proofs, you are entitled to receive a replacement. In case the exact product isn’t available anymore, your mat will be replaced by another with similar or the same color/model. However, Luxus Car Mats reserves the right to determine if defects were due to the manufacturer’s fault.

Luxus Car Mats shall honor your warranty request only if this product was bought off our authorized dealers or our official online store. Questions regarding authorized dealer verification has to be emailed to our online support team.

Damages due to non-authorized handling of the car mats (For instance, any alterations or repairs, services, resurfacing), incorrect usage of the car mats, accidents like tears, wacks, cracks, dents, drops, knocks; negligence, lack of proper care, abusive/abnormal use; Damages due to fire or water exposure, theft or loss, fittings, scratches, face material, trims, footplate, fire or water damage, normal deterioration or usual wear & tear are not covered under this warranty.

Important Note: Your mats will have to be sent for inspection by us before any replacements under a warranty claim are provided. In case our delivery services were provided free of cost for the initial purchase, you’ll be required to pay packaging costs and return postage. However, if the warranty claim is verified to be due to a manufacturing defect, any postage amounts paid will be refunded back.

How Do I Proceed With My Warranty Claim For My Product?

First, email us with all product details, its faults, date when you purchased it and the order number details. Please wait until we reply to your message. We will send you the following instructions if your claim clears the initial phase. 

Proceed to ship your products back along with the following:

  • A note that describes the product’s fault in a comprehensive manner.
  • Your name, email ID, address and phone number.

Your product will then be inspected or tested by us. We’ll provide you with additional details regarding this situation as per the terms & conditions of the warranty.

Important Note: In case your product was bought from authorized retailers, please return your product to where you purchased it from. 

It is our recommendation that you ship in your package as recorded delivery.