Our Process

How Do We Manufacture Luxus Car Mats?

At Luxus Car Mats, we strive to provide you with exceptional service and satisfaction. As the highest rated luxury car mats company on Trustpilot, we take pride in our commitment to excellence.

Using our state-of-the-art high-precision 3D laser scanner, we have meticulously captured interior measurements data from over 1000+ vehicles.

This allows us to create patterns with industry-leading accuracy, up to 0.1mm, ensuring perfect-fitting mats tailored to each individual vehicle. Our dedication to precision sets us apart, and our clients rave about the phenomenal results.

When you place your order for Luxus Car Mats, we gather the vehicle's make and model details, along with your desired mat type (cargo, rear, front), color preferences, and any special requests.

Our manufacturing crew then receives the order and conducts a thorough quality check on the selected materials. The order details are transmitted to our CNC Laser machine, which precisely cuts the materials according to the specifications.

Expert craftsmen then hand-stitch the mats, following the instructions provided during the order process. Each mat is customized and contoured to fit perfectly. To ensure accuracy, a comprehensive quality inspection is conducted before necessary accessories are added for full assembly.

Finally, your mats are carefully packed and prepared for shipping, ensuring they arrive at your doorstep in pristine condition.

Materials Used In Luxus Car Mats

We employ 5 separate material layers in all Luxus Car Mats:

  • Surface Layer - This consists of wear-resistant artificial leather which effectively decreases friction & aids in preventing scratches. It comes in all your desired styles and colors.
  • Foam Sponge - The next layer helps your feet feel more comfortable. It also improves the topmost leather surface’s appearance.
  • The next layer consists of a layer of waterproof cloth, which is also ultra-thin, offering backup for the upper layers. It ensures the threads used in these mats retain their integrity.
  • Coming to the layer below that, it consists of a polyethylene layer which is cross-linked, playing a vital role, providing assistance to your contoured mats and enabling them to maintain original shape while bettering your vehicle’s sound insulation capabilities as well.
  • The bottom layer consists of a burr mesh material made of nylon with anti-slip properties, which helps fix the mat into the car floor’s surface, ensuring the mats do not move, enabling enhanced safety and stability.

Unlike traditional car mats made with low-quality PVC materials, Luxus Car Mats excel in quality with their contoured shape, safety features, and optimal material design.

Our mats are meticulously constructed to fit your car's contours perfectly, ensuring a snug fit.

Traditional mats often lack foot comfort, limited color and style options, lower protection, and poor sound insulation. However, our custom made luxury car mats have been specifically designed to address these shortcomings, offering elevated foot comfort, a range of color and style choices, enhanced protection, and superior sound insulation.

Leave behind the limitations of traditional mats and embrace the excellence of Luxus Car Mats