Installation Guide


Read the installation instructions carefully.

  1. REMOVE all existing floor mats from the vehicle before installation.
  2. TEST full range of vehicle pedals after installation to ensure there is no interference.
  3. ENSURE driver’s side mat does not shift in any way, clips are properly tucked in your vehicle’s trim and velcro is applied on your vehicle's carpet.

DO NOT USE if compliance with this warning cannot be obtained.


Installation takes only 5 minutes, no instruments or unique abilities are required.

Please make sure your car’s foot well carpet is clean and follow the instructions below to install your Luxus Car Mats correctly:

  1. Be sure to remove any floor mats that were already in the car.
  2. Move driver's seat back entirely.
  3. Move driver's seat upward entirely.
  4. Slide your Luxus Car Mats into place.
  5. Repeat the same steps with the passenger side mat.
  6. To install the mats in the back seats, adjust the driver and passenger seats all the way forward to show the maximum amount of floor space.
  7. Place the mats across the floors and they should slide right in.
  8. Then slide the built-in clips along the slides to fully secure the mats in place.
  9. Each set of mats comes with several clips and Velcro strips but you won't need to used them all, just place them in areas that need them; for areas that don't have a place to put the clips, you can use the Velcro strips to ensure that the mats are flat against the floor.

Now your installation is complete.

Thanks for choosing Luxus Car Mats.


Your floor mats are easy to clean. Wipe clean with a microfiber or towel with soap and water or a mild cleaning agent.