Our Process

How Do We Manufacture Luxus Car Mats?

Allow us to provide you with a deeper insight  into the work that goes into every order placed with us and why our clients report phenomenal levels of satisfaction (we take pride in being the #1 highest rated luxury car mats company on Trustpilot, the most trusted online reviews platform). 

We have captured the interior measurements data of over 1000+ vehicles using our state of the art high-precision 3D laser scanner. We can capture every detail to create patterns for perfectly fitting mats for each and every individual vehicle all with an industry-leading accuracy of up to 0.1mm.

The vehicle’s make & model details are available to us when you place your order containing the desired car mats (cargo, rear, front), the color of the mats and other special requests.

After this is done, your order will be transmitted to our manufacturing crew. Materials are chosen after a thorough quality check. Details about your vehicle are then transmitted to CNC Laser machine, which will slice the material as per order details with a high degree of accuracy.

We then pass the material to our expert craftsmen who will hand-stitch it based on the instructions given during the order. Finally, customized and contoured car mats will be produced in accordance to order requirements.

To ensure that your new set of Luxus Car Mats is exactly what you had ordered for, we will carry out a full-fledged quality inspection. Necessary accessories will then be combined with these mats required for full assembly. Your mats are then packed and sent out for shipping.

Materials Used In Luxus Car Mats

We employ 5 separate material layers in all Luxus Car Mats:

  • Surface Layer - This consists of wear-resistant artificial leather which effectively decreases friction & aids in preventing scratches. It comes in all your desired styles and colors.
  • Foam Sponge - The next layer helps your feet feel more comfortable. It also improves the topmost leather surface’s appearance.
  • The next layer consists of a layer of waterproof cloth, which is also ultra-thin, offering backup for the upper layers. It ensures the threads used in these mats retain their integrity.
  • Coming to the layer below that, it consists of a polyethylene layer which is cross-linked, playing a vital role, providing assistance to your contoured mats and enabling them to maintain original shape while bettering your vehicle’s sound insulation capabilities as well.
  • The bottom layer consists of a burr mesh material made of nylon with anti-slip properties, which helps fix the mat into the car floor’s surface, ensuring the mats do not move, enabling enhanced safety and stability.

Most traditional car mats companies today utilize low-quality PVC materials which don’t fit your car’s contour in a snug manner. However, Luxus Car Mats provides top-notch quality via a contoured shape, safety features, and optimal material design.

Traditional car mats are prone to providing lower levels of foot comfort, restricted color and style selection, lower protection and poor sound insulation; however, Luxus Car Mats have been specifically designed to do away with these defects.