Shipping policy


At Luxus Car Mats, every order receives our utmost attention. We strive to deliver your package as quickly as possible.

Since our mats are made-to-order (your Luxus Car Mats will only go into production once your order is placed, we do not hold stock) the manufacturing process typically takes 5-7 business days, depending on the complexity of your car's floor measurements.

Please refer to the following shipping times (in business days, excluding production time and potential delays) based on your location:

United States:

Free shipping: 20-30 days
Express shipping: 7-14 days


Free shipping: 20-30 days
Express shipping: 15-25 days

UK & Ireland:

Free shipping: 20-30 days
Express shipping: 15-25 days

Australia & New Zealand:

Free shipping: 20-30 days
Express shipping: 15-25 days


Free shipping: 10-25 days
Express shipping: 7-20 days

Rest of the world:

Free shipping: 20-30 days
Express shipping: 15-25 days

At Luxus Car Mats, we prioritize coverage, quality, and fit. Each set is custom-designed based on your car's make and model, utilizing accurate manufacturer-supplied measurements for a perfect fit.

Our processing time is typically 5 to 7 days, but additional data may cause minor delays. Please ensure accurate car details during order placement. Please note that some countries may conduct border security checks or impose import taxes, potentially increasing delivery times.

Import taxes are government-imposed and beyond our control. Failure to clear payments may result in extended parcel hold and delay refund/return processes. Rest assured, our products are manufactured and shipped from China, and our reliable US-based company oversees the entire production and shipping process to ensure your satisfaction, proving our commitment to providing value for every penny spent.


Global logistics are facing unprecedented challenges due to the current circumstances involving wars, inflation, and increased pressure on air freight.

In very rare instances (less than 5% of orders), some packages are taking longer than usual to be delivered due to flight restrictions, delays, and more strict customs checks.

PLEASE NOTE: Your order delivery could be subject to delays of up to 15-30 business days (on top of the standard shipping times below) depending on many factors over which we have no control.

Please allow extra time for your delivery. Your Luxus Car Mats™ will be worth the wait.