Car Mats Buying Guide

Cars Mats Buying Guide

Car mats are not just some accessories to rest your feet upon, but they also hold a substantial aesthetic and salubrious value for your car. The perfect floor mats will save your car from dirt, grime, moisture, and road salt and also give it a pleasing aura. Considering they are tramped and plodded regularly, getting hold of the suitable material and fit that caters to your specific needs is imperative. Car mats also add life to your carpet and combat corrosion that gnaws at your car over time.

Most people don’t know that different types of mats serve different purposes. The features of summer floor mats will be disparate from the ones that fight the cold weather. Some fall more in the bracket of longevity and resilience, and some please the eye but sag rapidly. But Luxus Car Mats™ has made it possible for this unmistakably crucial car accessory to have luxury and craftsmanship without compromising on the quality and functionality of the car mats.

Types of Car Mats:

Picking out a car mat is not rocket science. Simple knowledge of material and few extra points covered in this blog will be enough for you to make the right choice. Car mats can be of the following types:

  • Fabric Mats: Fabric floor mats come in attractive colors and designs and are easily available in automobile outlets. They have a rubber back to impart anti-skid properties. The upside of fabric mats is that they are cheap, attractive, and come in universal sizes. But conversely, they get saggy very fast, have average durability and attract dirt/debris like magnets.
  • Rubber Mats: Most user-friendly of all, the rubber mats are very easy to place, remove, and clean. They are highly durable and dispense decent waterproofing features. The high friction surface keeps off any slipping which prevents the obstruction of pedal use. These mats are a perfect choice for those who live in a muddy environment and humid areas, as they soak in all the water and mud. But a compromise has to be made with the looks, as they are generally all-black, cheap-looking and get dirty very fast. 
  • Vinyl mats: Also known as “All-weather” mats, vinyl car mats resemble synthetic plastic. As vinyl mats are much more durable and cheaper than rubber mats and come in many colors and styles, they are preferred over the latter. The spikes at the back prevent slipping, and the upturned edges keep the dust and grime under check
  • Carpet mats: If you are more into the aesthetic side of the wavelength, then carpets could be the resting point of your car mat journey. Made from different materials like nylon or Berber, they have a swollen upper surface that gives them a striking appeal. But beware, carpets are worn out faster and get dirty easily.
  • 3D mats: The most expensive of the lot, 3D floor mats give your favorite car a premium look and finish. Some of them do have anti-skid properties but are bought mainly for interior ambience. The mats hold up water and dust in their grooves, but they demand regular cleaning since they cannot soak it up.
  • Luxus Car Mats™: When designing Luxus Car Mats; we thoroughly studied all the different types of mats mentioned above and listened to what our customers are really looking for.

We then concluded that the ideal type of car floor mat today's customer is looking for is one that ticks all the boxes below:

  • 100% custom-fit
  • All-weather use
  • Stylish, luxurious design 
  • Different colors to pick from
  • Total floor coverage
  • High quality materials & finish 
  • Great durability
  • Waterproof, stainproof and dustproof
  • Easy to clean

Our obsession from the beginning was to disrupt the car floor mats industry with a truly revolutionary product. A product we have created with the 9 features cited above as our core guiding principles.

     Different Car Mats for Different weather:

    • Hot and dry weather conditions: In the absence of precipitation and humidity in summers, you don’t have to worry about mud stains and dirt collecting on the floor of the car. Thus a thin, stylish mat will do the job. Layering a thin rubber mat with a 3D mat is also a great idea, as it will provide both resilience and good looks. But since installing two mats can be cumbersome, you can go for a Luxus Car Mats™ set which comes pre-layered, and offers the best of both worlds.
    • Cold and humid weather conditions: Rainy and winter seasons have proven to be a little harder on the mats. In cars with old floor mats, staining and corrosion go hand in hand. Use thicker and waterproof mats in winter seasons like vinyl mats or Luxus Car Mats™. They trap the dirt, rain, grime, and snow and keeps the moisture away from the floor. 
    • All-Weather Luxus Car Mats™: The custom-built laser-cut Luxus mats guarantee a premium fit and finish to your car floor and are suitable for any weather year-round. The top-quality eco-leather and memory foam enhance comfort and looks, all while resisting the harshest weather conditions with ease.

      Things to Keep in mind:

      • Proper fitting: No matter how pretty the car mats are, it's a waste if it they do not fit YOUR car like a glove. Keep the unique floor plan of your vehicle in mind while picking up a floor mat and avoid universal fits as much as possible. The universal fit will make the mat move in sync with your feet, leading to a disturbance in pedal use. Luxus Car Mats™
        are custom built for every car thanks to advanced laser technology and do not interfere with the pedals of your vehicle.
      • Mix and match: Selecting the right or the wrong color of the mats can lift or dull down your car’s interior ambiance pretty significantly. You can be creative and experiment with colors but make sure to pick a color combination that will match the interior color scheme of your car.
      • Regular cleaning: Stacked-up dust and moisture is a suitable environment for bacterial growth. Clean your mats regularly to prevent rust, fungi, and staleness.
      • Slipping mats: Moving mats are a warning sign that your mat has an improper fit or has lost friction over time and needs immediate replacement.

      Luxus Car Mats™ uses high end laser technology to custom build car mats that cater to your specific vehicle measurements and provide sufficient coverage without getting in the way of your feet's movement. Check out the wide range of colors and patterns of car mats on We also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and 100% customer satisfaction on all our car mats.