Refund policy

Returns, Refunds & Cancellations

We do not propose a refund policy for custom-fit tailor-made mats and cannot cancel an order after placing a custom order with us - You agree to confirm your custom order by making a purchase on - Please note that all our mats are tailored to your car as specified in your order form. 

Refunds are only processed for mats that fail to fit your vehicle after following the instructions below.

If you are having issues with the installation of your Luxus Car Mats, please do not worry; most of the time this is due to improper installation of the mats.

Please follow the instructions below to install your Luxus Car Mats correctly:

  1. Be sure to remove any floor mats that were already in the car.
  2. Move the driver's seat back entirely.
  3. Move the driver's seat upward entirely.
  4. Slide the Luxus Car Mats into place.
  5. Repeat the same steps with the passenger side mat.
  6. To install the mats in the back seats, adjust the driver and passenger seats all the way forward to show the maximum amount of floor space.
  7. Place the mats across the floors and they should slide right in.
  8. Add the clips wherever they're needed.
  9. Each set of mats comes with several clips but you won't need to use them all, just place them in areas that need them; for areas that don't have a place to put the clips, you can use the Velcro strips to ensure that the mats are flat against the floor.
  10. Now your installation is complete.

If you are still struggling to install your Luxus Car Mats, please send us an e-mail to with your order number and pictures/videos of the mats installed in the specific vehicle you ordered the mats for; we will get back to you with a solution as soon as our team of experts finishes investigating your fitting issues. We truly appreciate your patience with the investigation results.

Please Note

If you receive a partial or complete refund after a 60-day period from your initial transaction for any reason between the customer and Luxus Car Mats you have to agree that to receive a refund you will be required to use or set up a PayPal account.

Dislike of design or color

Since every set is ordered for your vehicle and we provide a personalized service, we cannot accept return applications based on a dislike of style or color. You must pick the right color for your vehicle and make sure that before placing your order, you like the product. Send us an e-mail to to ask for images and videos so you ensure that the car mat is exactly the way you like. 

Return claims between a customer and Luxus Car Mats must be agreed upon:

  • An agreement must be made between the client and Luxus Car Mats to agree on return claims.
  • The product must be shipped back in its initial packaging unused and undamaged.
  • If a revision is needed after we receive the returned product, we are entitled to rectify the design.
  • If customers insist on returning custom-made goods, they will be charged a re-stock fee of 40% of the initial order value to cover materials and craftsmanship.

Please Note

As Luxus Car Mats offers free shipping worldwide for all our products, the return shipping, and packaging costs are your responsibility.

The reimbursement amount will only be awarded once the item has been returned and inspected for damage and the item has not been used. If all these conditions are met, the client will receive a full refund within 14 business days.

Before returning any products, please email We will provide the shipping address and return code for your delivery.

We highly recommend you return your product using a tracked delivery service.

Please be informed that if your country's customs impose extra taxes on imports, we will not accept returns or refund requests. We are not liable for these taxes and in order to obtain the products, they must be paid to the customs authorities. Please consult the customs import tax legislation of your country.


Please note that it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the vehicle details and the delivery address are correct when making the purchase. 

Luxus Car Mats will not be held responsible for any handmade goods that are inaccurate or for any mistake in the address of delivery.

Uncollected parcels

If you fail to pick up your parcel when delivered and the parcel is returned to our warehouse there will be a $40 re-shipping charge. In this case, re-delivery can take up to 30 days (return time plus re-shipping time).
If you do not wish to wait another 30 days for your order to be redelivered, you will be charged a re-stock fee of 50% of the initial order value to cover materials and craftsmanship.